Your Last Diet

Dr. Unruh believes in a holistic approach to health, including diet.  He has been working with Ideal Protein to complete the entire holistic approach, from Chiropractic adjustments, Medx, Avicenna and PEMF treatments through life-changing Ideal Protein!


The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a quick and healthy protocol with proven, long-lasting results.  Our gourment protein foods contain highly assimilable, high-biological value protein isolates combined with essential amino acids and are complimented with supplements and mineral salts.



With Ideal Protein:

  • Lose 3 to 7 lbs per Week
  • Primarily Promotes Fat Loss
  • Helps to Maintain Muscle Mass
  • Tones & Revitalizes Skin
  • Supports Cellulite Reduction
  • Promotes Vitality & Energy
  • Naturally Suppresses Appetite
  • Re-establishes Pancreatic Function (Insulin)

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