Pregnancy and Back Pain


NO CHEMICALS or Drugs During Pregnancy! 

You are pregnant and your back is killing you. You go to the doctor and he says, "I'm sorry, it is too dangerous to give you any strong pain pills as it will affect the baby." Any medication is dangerous during pregnancy. Caffeine and smoking must be avoided, along with a strict diet void of processed artifi­cial foods and sugar products, if you want to count on having a healthy baby. So the doctor prescribes heat or exercises and tells you to just bear it out until the baby comes. 
THERE Is a Safe Treatment for You and Your Baby. 
Every year thousands of pregnant women suffer needlessly, not realizing there is a method of treatment without side effects that can keep them feeling great. Pregnancy is a natural condition, but there is no need to believe that backaches, headaches, hip, leg pains and morning sickness are all normal inconveniences which you must bear. Chiropractic care can alleviate most symptoms. Chiropractors are thoroughly trained to understand the mechanical and physical aspects of what is causing pain and discomfort during pregnancy. Chiropractic is very safe as chiroprac­tors are trained to alter their treatment to each patient's condition. 
The extra weight you are carrying may cause postural distortion which irritates the nerves in the spine. Your pelvis tilts forward as you develop a sway in the lower back in the last trimester of preg­nancy. You may then develop low back aches or muscle spasms. Adjustments help insure your pelvic bones are prop­erly aligned for a quicker, easier delivery with less chance of injury to you or your child. Adjustments are very gentle and most women can get an adjustment until the week before delivery. Chiropractic is also very effective for post partum symptoms of low back pain, hip and leg problems that some­times occur following the mechanical stress and trauma of the pregnancy and delivery. 
If you are pregnant and need relief, try chiropractic. You'll be glad you did. 

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