"Doctor, I've tried everything for my headache and nothing has helped. I've had skull x-rays, EEG's, brain scans and CAT scans. I've been to two neurologists, and to a neurosurgeon. I've had my eyes tested and glasses checked. I've been to a dentist to check my teeth and an EENT specialist to have my sinuses examined. Nobody has found a thing wrong with me. I keep getting these excruciating headaches. 

I've tried tranquilizers, Valium, codeine and anti-depressants. Many times I've had to go to the emergency room for a shot of Demerol. I'm beginning to think it's futile to try anything." 
Such is the story of many patients before coming to our office for care. Over 15 million people suffer from recurring migraine headaches, not counting the millions who have other types of headaches. Medical authorities estimate that at least half of all the people who visit doctor's offices are in the grip of a headache. We spend over four billion dollars a year trying to ease the pain. In fact, we gulp 27 tons of aspirin every day just for temporary relief. 
Treat The Cause Not The Symptom
Finding the cause of your headache might be simple if you stop to evaluate your lifestyle and some of the things you are exposed to. It may be caused by something few people, doctors included, suspect. 
You must realize a headache is a symptom not a disease. Something is causing that pain and experts estimate there are over 200 causes of headaches. Very few headaches are the result of organic causes such as tumors. Most are the result of structural, nutritional and environmental factors. 
The first and primary consideration for people with headaches is to evaluate any history of injury to the head or neck. It may have occurred any time from birth to adulthood. There can be a wide variety of injuries that lead to persistent headaches. Repeated strain ay be all that is necessary to precipitate the headaches. 
Because we live in such a drug-oriented culture, the first therapeutic thought often is to ask for a prescription. However, it's important to seek a cause and correction of your headaches. Headache are not caused from a lack of tranquilizers. 
You Don't Have To Live On Pills 
The environmental factors, nutritional imbalance and structural misalignments are all in the scope of expert chiropractic care. It has proven to millions to be the only approach that gives lasting permanent relief. Over 90% of all headaches are caused from problems with your spine. Too many suffer for years before they discover the benefits of Chiropractic. Everyday you have a headache, you're tolerating life rather than living. If you want long lasting relief - 
Try Chiropractic today! 

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