Drug Induced Illness


Are You Suffering? 

Thousands reading this article may be suffering with iatrogenic disease. Most people don't know it and neither does their doctor suspect it. Iatrogenic disease is a disease caused by the doctor. It is symptoms created completely from the side effects of drugs totally unrelated to a malfunction of the body. 
How Common Is It? 
In our drug-oriented society, over one out of seven admissions to the hospital are due to iatrogenic reasons. Think of it! Over 14 percent of all patients hospitalized are there because their doctor "goofed". 
That's bad enough, but to compound the matter, one out of six patients remain hospitalized due to another little goof. 
The Chiropractic Alternative 
Doesn't it make more sense to FIRST seek safe and natural alternatives? Chiropractic is one such method. Only nature can heal the machines that nature has made. In other words the power that made your body heals your body. But first, you must give your body what it needs to do its job. The first prerequisite is a proper functioning nervous system. Malfunction precedes disease and nerves control all body functions. Only Chiropractors are trained to detect pressure on nerves, That pain you are experiencing is nature's way of sending you an important message. Pain doesn't just come from nowhere. Something is causing it. Why not treat the cause rather than just the symptom? Drug companies spend billions trying to convince you to live on pills, but millions of satisfied patients have thrown their pills down the drain after receiving Chiropractic care. 
The Chiropractic approach, allows you to be healed without the negative aspects of drugs. We have a saying: 
Chiropractors take pride in helping people, many of whom have suffered for years treating symptoms with no lasting benefit. When the pill wears off the problems come back. Eventually stronger pills are needed to achieve the same effect as the body's tolerance to drugs wears down.
Chiropractic is the safest healing profession known to man. Millions have discovered they can enjoy life, sleep at night, and live a pain-free life again thanks to Chiropractic. The benefits to good health are endless when you consider you can enjoy nothing without it.
Have you given this safe alternative approach a try? Why not call today?  you'll be glad you did!