Conditions We Treat

  1. A ten-mile-an-hour collison is equivalent to catching a two-hundred-pound bag of cement dropped from a second-story window (Science Digest - February 1985). Rear-end auto collisions are the most frequent cause of cervical spine injuries, according to clinical studies. Approximately 85 percent of cervical spine disorders are the result of auto crashes. Only, about 15 percent of these crash injuries resulted from head-on or side collisions.

  2. You are pregnant and your back is killing you. You go to the doctor and he says, "I'm sorry, it is too dangerous to give you any strong pain pills as it will affect the baby." Any medication is dangerous during pregnancy. Caffeine and smoking must be avoided, along with a strict diet void of processed artifi­cial foods and sugar products, if you want to count on having a healthy baby. So the doctor prescribes heat or exercises and tells you to just bear it out until the baby comes.

  3. Finding the cause of your headache might be simple if you stop to evaluate your lifestyle and some of the things you are exposed to. It may be caused by something few people, doctors included, suspect

  4. Thousands reading this article may be suffering with iatrogenic disease. Most people don't know it and neither does their doctor suspect it. Iatrogenic disease is a disease caused by the doctor. It is symptoms created completely from the side effects of drugs totally unrelated to a malfunction of the body.